posirank.com linkedin Argues That SEO is a Teenager in 2017, and Who Knows Where it Will End Up Now

By | July 26, 2017

The most challenging aspect of search engine optimization is its constant and fast-changing evolution. Nothing ever stays stagnant. An industry leader can be relegated to the page 10 doldrums after a few competitors get in the mix. A massive Google Update could dramatically alter the entire landscape of SEO- and it has happened a few times.

Yes, SEO changes all the time. SEO is also intricately linked to social media and other areas of web development. So what can potentially begin as a separate area of business development takes a huge part of the total available energy and resources. It makes sense to hire an exterior company to handle the heavy lifting of SEO design. In 2017, it makes more than a little sense. For the first time in a few years, it may “officially” be necessary to compete.

SEO is a teenager. It is currently discovering what it wants to be for the foreseeable future. It has gone through most of the crazy years of early development and has found some kind of stability. But, it is hardly done. SEO is still seeking its place in the greater web space, which may not be much of a place at all. Time will tell. Importantly, SEO is being positioned as a mainstay in web marketing. As long as Google holds the cards, SEO will stay alive in one form or another. But, how relevant will keywords be compared to content? Is SEO about video integration or will text remain the ruler? How valuable is social media in this sphere?

Consider the resources it takes to keep a social SEO effort alive and competitive. It is not to be handled by an aspiring business leader currently at a solid intern status. It is something to be handled by a professional team that can take a wide and objective view of the campaign. Review posirank.com linkedin to get a full idea of what the company can accomplish. The team looks for attractive new opportunities in the space and makes sure that a client is holding up to the inevitable and often consequential changes in the SEO marketplace.